Introducing Zelis™ Payments

Diversified Group is pleased to introduce an exciting new electronic payment process we are implementing with Zelis Payments. 

Enrolling with Zelis Payments enables you to receive electronic delivery of payments and remittance data. With payment options designed to increase cash flow, eliminate manual tasks and reduce overhead expenses, Zelis Payments delivers a host of benefits for your practice or facility.

Your Options for Receiving ePayments

VRA® is the most efficient way to maximize payment process for your practice, facility or health system by settling electronic payments directly into your bank account.

Remittance data is delivered in the format of your choice via download from our secure portal, your current FTPs or clearinghouse or secure email. 

To learn more about VRA, download our brochure.

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Select payments utilize a MasterCard branded, virtual payment card which may either faxed to or downloaded by you with accompanying Explanations of Payment (EOPs). You simply input the virtual credit card information into your credit card terminal to receive immediate payment for the claim.

Each Zelis Payments product gives you multiple options to access your data, customize notifications, and utilize a number of other features available through the Zelis secure web portal.

Getting paid faster
is as easy as 1-2-3!


Step 1:
Register for access to the provider portal.

Step 2:
Enroll in the payment option
of your choice.

Step 3:
Follow the instructions in your confirmation email.

For assistance call 
877 828 8770.

Visit our
FAQ or contact us.

Hospital or health system?
Contact our System Enrollment Team for assistance with multiple TINs.

Need assistance?
The Zelis Payments provider enrollment team can help!

Call 877-828-8770 for guided enrollment.

The Zelis team has made my work life bit easier this afternoon… Provider Enrollment made every effort to help me through the process.